As a licensed hairdresser, working in beauty the industry for over 25 years, I have been afforded the opportunity to have very intimate conversations with my clients. Also, for the past 15 years, as an owner of All Media Play and X-Play, an adult marketing and movie company, I have had the chance to talk intimately with hundreds of performers, specifically about issues with giving oral pleasure. The common complaint is there is never enough mouth moisture and sometimes the taste can make the “job” difficult.

Two years ago, I partnered with a laboratory that had the technology that enables the release of flavor into the mouth while creating maximum moisture. After two years of research and development, in an effort to create the right amount of moisture with the best flavors, Oral Ace was born. Together we have created a disc that adheres securely to the gums that eventually dissolves. This disc not only creates moisture, but it provides a delicious flavor in the mouth, which can last up to 30 minutes while your partner receives amazing oral pleasure. We have four unique flavors to satisfy all palates, including Strawberry, Watermelon, Bubblegum, and Cinnamon Bun.

Oral Ace is great for both the giver and receiver, because a wetter and more flavorful mouth is more enjoyable for both parties. As we like to say at Oral Ace, Wetter is Better!