I tried the Cinnamon Bun Oral Ace before starting oral sex on my husband without telling him. I noticed that it was easier to create moisture in my mouth which made it wetter. Plus the flavor was really good. I found that I ended up blowing him longer that usual because the good flavor. I asked him how it was and even he said it was really wet and good this time.

Rachel Roberts

I was given Bubblegum as a gift. So I tried it on my boyfriend and we both loved it. Can’t wait to try the other flavors. I think it’s great!

Kim Fielder

I use Oral Ace all the time. My boyfriend and I love them.

Frank Jones

Just tried this product and I have to say — it’s amazing! I didn’t think it would work, but it really does all that it promises! I tried two flavors so far (Strawberry and Watermelon) and they are good! Best of all, my boyfriend is so happy. So it’s win/win for both of us!

Karen Longate

This flavor disc has other uses. I put one in my mouth when I got hungry and it curbs my appetite. It only has 3 calories it helps when I diet. Great Job

Lisa Petrilla

So I was looking for a product that I could use when I wanted to have fun with my boyfriend. A friend recommended Oral Ace to me. I love the strawberry flavor. It definitely adds to the fun. The tasty flavor and wetness makes for an intense night of pleasure. My boyfriend definitely agrees this product is a must have!

September Reign

I used watermelon and it tastes just like your biting into a real watermelon. It also made the oral much wetter.

Janet Stella

WOW this product is great and it really works. . LOVE the flavors. I used it when I worked out it lasted over 30 minutes without losing any flavor like gum.

Samantha McFarland